Web development prices can run in the tens of thousands...

Believe it or not, there are web design firms and development companies that charge high prices just because clients will pay it!
Are you made out of money?!?

At Marquis Online Web Solutions

We charge based on how long it takes us to complete a project.
And we like to finish our client's projects quickly so they can utilize
web commerce right away. We make your local business global
at a price you can afford!

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This is our current pricing structure. All prices
are based on a complete package. The client must provide the content, graphics, logo and media. With all packages, shopping cart, e-commerce and database work are extra.

  • Single page .... $300.00 Includes email link, testing & upload.

    2-3 page .... $750.00 Includes email link, testing & upload.

    4-6 page .... $1350.00 Includes custom form, email link, testing & upload.

    Flash/HTML site business .... $2200.00 Includes all of the above + Flash, meta-tags & meta-data.

    Full custom business .... $2900.00 Please call for a list of what is included in this package.