How, and where you can find us...

Electrology Associates is located at the intersection of Nicollet Ave. South and McAndrews in Burnsville, MN.
Our building is on the northeast corner. Run your mouse over the map to the left...

From County Road 42 in Burnsville, go north on Nicollet Ave. When you approach the McAndrews
intersection, you will see 3 brick office buildings. Go through the intersection and take the first right
hand turn. Turn right again and you will be in the parking lot in front of our building. From Burnsville
Parkway, or Hwy. 13
, at Nicollet Ave. go south. As you approach the McAndrews intersection, you
will notice a median, turn left BEFORE the lights at McAndrews. Then turn right into the parking lot.
If you drive around the buildings, there is a back parking area & you can enter directly
onto the 2nd floor.

In conclusion...


If you choose electrolysis
or laser as a solution to
your unwanted hair problem,
it will change your life in a positive way. Keep in mind that your investment will
pay for itself in confidence, improved appearance and
self-satisfaction. We take
pride in providing you with
a comfortable, friendly and relaxed environment that meets rigid hygiene and safety standards.

Man or woman, adult or adolescent, Electrology Associates assures you
of quality care, excellent results and complete confidentiality. Let us
begin to help you today.