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Educating our clients is one of our top priorities.  We explain everything about hair growth as well as how to remove it, and not just with electrolysis.  We explain what waxing does to the hair follicle, what the difference is between shaving, using a crème remover, and tweezing or waxing.  It is important for our clients to know this because it has an impact on the treatment schedule.  After care is also talked about after every treatment.

Electrology is a safe, permanent hair removal solution which has been around for years. We take great pride in our ability to retain a valued and loyal client base of people who love what we provide, and tell their friends about us.

A little history...


It was Dr. Charles Michael who discovered electrolysis
in 1875 when he was trying
to eliminate an ingrown eyelash from one of his
patients. His technique of inserting a fine wire filament into the hair follicle and
applying a small amount
of current to the hair root proved to be successful.
It is the only method
of hair removal recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA)
and the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) as achieving permanent hair removal
. It is the gold standard by which all other methods of hair removal are being compared. Not only
can we remove the hair forever, but our treatments
are safe to perform, and
leave your skin healthy. You don't have to be concerned about what might happen
10, 20, or even 30 Years
from now. Electrolysis has 127 years of proven safe
and effective treatments.


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